Blue Looking Glass Series

These photographs were taken using a blue walled children’s viewing toy.  The shape of the “Blue Looking Glass”  informs each of the images by creating a border of varying hues around the central circular viewing space.  Intimate, interior spaces were photographed through this man-made funnel to give a picture of how safe places could look through altered sight – a possibly tenuous defect for humans. (Though not necessarily for other creatures, who are equipped to see the world differently.)  Some of the photographs mimic a Cubist approach to fracturing space, though the color palette of the Blue Looking Glass series is more rich, varied, and inviting.

Blue Looking Glass

Blue Looking Glass Series

Underneath the Sheets series

The Underneath the Sheets series was inspired by the premise of a Westmont College Reynolds Gallery exhibition entitled Interior Spaces.  The photographs explore a space that is typically overlooked: those small slow moments of light and color that filter through the sheets.  Sheets were moved and lit, but no other visual devices were used to distort their documentation.  A decision was made to make the images melt by keeping them out of focus. Without glasses or contacts, this is how I see those little spaces – blurs of light and color that are soft, warm and seductive.   This unfocused treatment references the way this space is inhabited and viewed by humans regardless of their visual acuity: in sleep, dream, or drugged seduction.  Only two shots include skin in them, however, some of the shapes emulate body parts, which adds another clue to the subject of this series.

Underneath the Sheets Series