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The Season of Spring
Flower-Pepper Gallery in store, Pasadena, CA

Permanent installation on view:
Optic Veil (Artifact(s))
Montecitio Aesthetic Institute

Charles Donelan, Art Seen: Funk Zone May Sightings, Santa Barbara Independent, May 7
ArtSlant STREET, Surprises, Surprises!: The Season of Spring opens at Flower Pepper Gallery, Artslant Street, February 27
Kat Ward, Flower Pepper Gallery, Hometown Pasadena, March 2014
Lorie Dewhirst Porter, Ones to Watch: Conceptual Beauty, Santa Barbara Magazine, Fall 2013
Daniel Rolnik, The Object is Null, an exhibition by Kimberly Hahn at Design Matters Gallery, Notes on Looking, November 26
Charles Donelan, Null On West Pico, Santa Barbara Independent, December 11
Daniel Rolnik, Just Say Hello: Daniel Rolnik Visits the Santa Barbara Art Scene, Artslant Street, December 23

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